Thursday, March 31, 2011


Wohoo! You guys are great. Didn't think there would be so many of you so fast, but here we are. I would like to thank mom and dad, my fifth grade teacher, all of my neighbours, the guy I met at the bar few weeks back and my cat. Well, maybe you guys too who have the time to read my blog. You made this possible. Thank you.

But what's left after this epic accomplishment? I was thinking of writing about something else too than just about the games I'm currently playing. That would allow faster updates on the blog and could be fun to write about other stuff in general. Although the posts would still be game related, more or less, but it would make the blog richer. We'll see in the future.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And the murderer is...

Finished the game yesterday. I liked it from the beginning to the end. Although the story is pretty normal for a psychological thriller (mysterious killer killing people with a twist), it still was a much needed change to the stories I usually see in the games I play.

One of the multi-view scenes. Looking good.

There really isn't much to add to my previous post. The lazy controls were there to the end and also "shake the controller" parts started to annoy me a little. (I have to add that although my game was the "move edition" I used the normal controller, so everything I say about controls is just about the pad.) Still I have very little bad to say. I'm now playing the game the second time and it's nice to have so much things that can change during the second playthrough. Almost all episodes have things that can go a different way.

At this point I guess I can reveal that I knew who the murderer was before playing the game. I accidentally got spoiled on some forum where idiots like to spoil other people for fun (f*cking lamers). So the moment where the game reveals the murderer didn't have the effect it should have had on me. But I have to admit that during the game I was starting to think that maybe I don't remember right, that person can't be the killer.

I also have to say that there may be some sides of the story that I still don't know. At least one thing comes to mind that was left unanswered. I'm hoping maybe the second playthrough and different decisions will tell me more. Anyway I'm quite happy in the way the game ended for me at the first time, there was only one thing which I failed. I got my happy ending though, just the way I like it.

Some final words: Heavy Rain is for people who like psychological thrillers or just enjoy a good story, or for people who want to play something a little bit different than the usual CODs and GTAs. Looks very nice but has some trouble with the controls.

My first post about this game is here.

Shake it baby!

I received the Dead Rising 2 in the mail today, so as soon as I'm done with Heavy Rain I'll start on that. I'm little disappointed though. Didn't read the description closely enough and I thought I'll get all that stuff in the picture I posted, but instead I just got the steelbook box, making of DVD and the cool pen. Well it was cheap although it would have been just a normal game, so I won't complain.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Heavy Rain

After Riddick maybe a little different game. Heavy Rain is a game where you try to catch the mysterious Origami Killer. But instead of controlling just one character, you in turns control four persons. All with different aspects to the killings.

I've heard a lot of good things about this game, and being a person who likes good stories, I just have to try it. Right at the start the game made a great first impression. During the installation you are guided to make your own origami with the paper that came with the game. Great innovation! Just love this kind of things. It would be great if installation/loading screens could offer you something else than the usual and boring "loading" text. Too bad that none of the other loading screens in this game has nothing interesting to offer.

Ethan Mars. Trying to save his son.

So the game begins. First I noticed the great graphics. It surely does look amazing, even after many hours staring at it. Second thing I noticed wasn't so nice. The way you control the character is too clumsy. You have to push R2 to walk and choose the direction with left stick. I don't feel like being in control at all. This not being an action game that ain't so big of a thing, but it still bugs me from time to time. Other controls in the game are quite simple. You interact with the world by pushing a button, waving the controller, keeping some buttons down and things like that. One funny thing related to that happened today. I was in a spot where I had to keep several buttons down. I think six at the most. Well, the combination was so difficult that when it came time to push the sixth button my fingers couldn't do it, so I used my tongue. :D But it worked and I did get forward in the game.

Norman Jayden. FBI profiler trying to catch the killer.

What about the story then? After the start it has opened up and I like it. Trying to guess who the killer might be, collecting evidence and trying to save one of the main character's son is entertaining. The game also has some way getting under my skin. It really felt good when I got Ethan's son to smile in the park playing with him. Or the part where you are arresting one of the suspects. I pointed my gun on him thinking I'm gonna talk my way out of this (in every game I always play character who's good in talking and not shooting). I talked and he was going to surrender when BAM! It seemed like he was going to attack another police officer and I shot him. This happened in a second so the shot was a pure reaction to the suspect's movement. I was really disappointed having killed him. First time ever when something like this happened to me. I did something I didn't want to do.

Scott Shelby. Private investigator also trying to find the killer.

I'm now maybe a little after the mid-point in the game and I have to say that I really like this game. It's not really a game type of game, if you know what I mean. You don't run in some woods or mountains killing monsters and the tempo is quite slow. But that is the thing that makes this game different. Many people say that this is just an interactive movie. Some of it is true I guess, but what I do know for sure is that I must see this to the end.

Madison Paige. Trying to help Ethan. Looks damn hot!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The second time.

Last post about Riddick, I promise. :)

Just finished the game second time. Normal difficulty felt pretty easy now. I died maybe five times during the whole game. Got also all the trophies I was planning to get. Only one I didn't get was the one where you needed to collect all the bounty cards. I found couple new ones but still some are missing. Don't have the nerves to look for them all. All the multiplayer trophies are also no-no for me because don't play online. Overall trophy percentage for Riddick: 60%. Quite low but can't help it. Something else new that I found was a new gun, sniper rifle. Hard to say much about it though. I fired it maybe three times. I guess it could have helped me on the hard difficulty. I did complain not to see enemies early enough.

Well this was a small update now. I'm gonna start to play new game tomorrow, so in a day or two you'll be hearing about that. Not going to tell the name of the game so you'll have to come back and check it out yourselves. ;)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ding dong the witch is dead!

Wohoo!! Revas is finally dead, and pretty much everyone else too.

Ex-captain of the spaceship Dark Athena.

Last time I complained about the unfairness of the game, but yesterday it didn't feel so bad. Surroundings in the game changed a little darker so it was easier to hide. Also the enemies became maybe a bit easier to kill. Especially those Spider Turrets were really easy targets. So what about the final boss Revas? Eh, after couple of tries to understand how to kill her, it took about 20 seconds to finish her off. Women, they are so easy, right? ;) Not everything was easy though. The part where you had to kill two alpha drones, one bad ass dude with a mech suit and a room full of drones took some effort. Of course they didn't come all at once and you had one autosave after the alpha drones, but no medstation in betweens.

Talking about autosaves. One bad thing about this game is that you can't save manually. You can restart from certain checkpoints, but they ain't always so near. The game autosaves pretty often yes, but the spots aren't always so good. One time the game saved just before a fight with an alpha drone and guess what? I just happened to have one bar of health left. God damn I sweared. The game gives you one extra bar of health after you die several times, but still.

One funny thing I noticed in the game. There's a short part where you control an big alpha drone and carry a little girl on your shoulder from an air vent to another. Heard some other game too where you do something like that...

Ulaks. Would look nice on my dinner table.

Overall feelings about the game are good. Yes I complained it being too hard at some point, but afterwards thinking it took only some relaxing breaths in between tries and then you got forward. In my opinion the game was ment to be about Riddick being an bad ass and sneaking around killing people. Riddick an bad ass? Oh my, with Vin Diesel as his voice you couldn't be any more of that. Actually I think it was even too much. Vin tries to be so cold it sometimes makes me laugh, not to think "man, he's so cool". So the sneaking part? I would have liked even more of it. The shooting is hard cos the enemies kill you in a couple of seconds after they see you, and they see you far away. But the sneaking is fun. Waiting in the dark for the guard to turn his back on you and then snap! His neck is broken. There's the feeling I enjoyd the most in this game. Because there isn't much of a story to enjoy, (you are trapped somewhere, escape) it's important for the game to have some gimmick to give that good feeling. Just next time, even more shadows and silent hallways for me to hide.

The game even has some basic puzzles. To move some boxes with your SCAR gun. Shoot the box and explode the bullet to move the box to the right direction. Sounds basic and it is that, but still adds a little more to just shooting and sneaking. So that's a bonus. The biggest flaw in the game for me is that it's missing a story. The thing I like the most. Another bad thing are unfair guards who don't usually give any time to react. Some like that but I don't. Maybe the third bad thing to mention is Vin Diesel as a voice of Richard B. Riddick. I wouldn't want anybody else to play his role, but still he could have used even a tiny bit more feeling in his lines. It's a shame also because other voice actors are so great. Especially Michelle Forbes who's the voice of Revas.

Last words: Good game if you like Riddick, otherwise you may try it if you get it cheap. There are better FPS games and games to sneak around.

If you didn't read my last posts about this game they can be found here and here.

Now I just have to play the game again on normal difficulty and try to collect some trophies I missed. Although I'll never find all those bounty cards. And no, I won't look from the internet where they are.

Just one last thing. About my last post. Five yes votes decided that I buy Dead Rising 2 so I did. Too bad it's dispatched in a week and it takes 1-2 weeks to arrive, so can't keep that part of my promise that I'll play it next. But after next one maybe. Will later thank you or damn you all to hell, depending on the game. ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh Boy!

Dang. Just found another game, Dead Rising 2, that has been on my "buy if cheap" list with quite nice prize tag. It's just that apparently the game has time limits and that's one thing I don't like. But the low price is quite tempting...

What do you guys think, Dead Rising 2: Zombrex Edition for about 20 euros? If I get five comments saying I should buy it, I'll buy it (if it's still cheap) and promise to play it next after I'm done with Riddick.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

No pain, no gain.

Adventures of the great Riddick continues. Don't know if it's just me sucking or what, but the game has become quite difficult. How can you react to a guy behind the corner who kills you the same moment you show yourself?!? Well shooting him the next time when you know he's there, of course. But I don't like games where you have to learn the places of the enemies and then carefully kill them before they see you. Is it so hard to give me a little bit of time to react?

After the fight with Revas (tough bitch by the way, a knife through the neck and she gets maybe a little cough) there was a nice moment in the game where you didn't see many enemies and just wondered in some sewers. I liked that, but then it got a little harder. Lots of enemies far away, you don't even see some of them and they shoot you to death. You die and try again, you die and try again, you die and try again... You can make progress like that sure, but my opinion is that it kills the feeling of adventure and overall mood in the game. Of course I can also blame myself for this. No one forces me to play on hard difficulty. It's just that I have to get the trophy with that. Maybe should have first played on normal and then with hard, but it's too late to change it now.

One nice thing that came along yesterday was the SCAR gun. R2 to fire and L2 to explode the bullet, BAM. Just watch those suckers panic with the bullet attached to them. Another fine thing with this baby is that you have infinite ammo. Good for me 'cos I usually panic about running out of bullets.

One not so nice thing was today with my first encounter with the alpha drone. It took quite long before I realized how to kill that son of a bitch. And yet longer to succeed in it. It only took five SCAR bullets exploded simultaneously for this handsome devil to lose his balance. Then you go and rip his face off. Very nice touch that one.

Friday, March 18, 2011


The game I'm playing at the moment is The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena.

It has been a long time on my "buy it" list but somehow I have always bought something else. Two weeks ago when watching the movie "Chronicles of Riddick" I yet again had the urge to buy the game and guess what? When looking for the game on different sites I found it supercheap! Two seconds later I had clicked "order".

The disc also contains the old Riddick game "Escape from Butcher Bay" which I found quite entertaining. The story ain't much but sneaking around silently killing guards was fun.  Sometimes it felt maybe too hard but I guess my obsession not the get noticed had something to do with it. I always felt like I failed if had to use some of the guns. Except tranquilizer gun which made killing feel easy and satisfying.

Although the game felt difficult at times, the reason was usually me. The part where you are at the landing platform trying to get to the ship and there's two riot guards and three light guards who all have to be killed made me wanna scream at first. How on earth can you kill two riot guards with just shotgun?!?!? After several frustrating attemps I went backwards to look for the medstation and found my salvation. There it was lying with to one dead riot guard. Minigun!! With that it wasn't hard at all to kill those riot guards and cut the light guards to pieces. Aah, how satisfying.

Assault on Dark Athena, for the time I have played it (now fighting Revas for the first time), seems pretty much the same but little bit harder. There has already been few times where my blood pressure has rised too high. Some storage rooms with too many drones, couple fist fights and the killing of the first Dark Athena Mech. I think it was just luck when I ran through the corridor with that mech on my tail.

I have read that AoDA isn't about sneaking but just plain shooting, but for what I have played I don't agree. Or maybe you don't sneak at all during the rest of the game? Don't know but going to find out. Revas here I come!

It begins!

So the day has come for me to start my own blog. It has been on my mind for some time already but, as some of you may know, it's so hard to get things started. But, as I said, today is the day. This blog will mainly be about the games I play on my PS3. I play quite much so there should be enough things to write about.

The main thing I like in games is the story and the overall atmosphere of the game. That said it's obvious that multiplayer ain't my thing. It still leaves me many games to enjoy: Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins, GTA, Batman: Arkham Asylum and many more. Collecting trophies is also very addicting. I usually play the game through once without looking what trophies the game has and then play it again collecting all the trophies I can get. Because I don't look tips from the net where/how to get some trophies and I don't play online, I rarely get the platinum one. But I'm still happy to get the once I get by myself!