Friday, March 18, 2011

It begins!

So the day has come for me to start my own blog. It has been on my mind for some time already but, as some of you may know, it's so hard to get things started. But, as I said, today is the day. This blog will mainly be about the games I play on my PS3. I play quite much so there should be enough things to write about.

The main thing I like in games is the story and the overall atmosphere of the game. That said it's obvious that multiplayer ain't my thing. It still leaves me many games to enjoy: Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins, GTA, Batman: Arkham Asylum and many more. Collecting trophies is also very addicting. I usually play the game through once without looking what trophies the game has and then play it again collecting all the trophies I can get. Because I don't look tips from the net where/how to get some trophies and I don't play online, I rarely get the platinum one. But I'm still happy to get the once I get by myself!