Sunday, March 20, 2011

No pain, no gain.

Adventures of the great Riddick continues. Don't know if it's just me sucking or what, but the game has become quite difficult. How can you react to a guy behind the corner who kills you the same moment you show yourself?!? Well shooting him the next time when you know he's there, of course. But I don't like games where you have to learn the places of the enemies and then carefully kill them before they see you. Is it so hard to give me a little bit of time to react?

After the fight with Revas (tough bitch by the way, a knife through the neck and she gets maybe a little cough) there was a nice moment in the game where you didn't see many enemies and just wondered in some sewers. I liked that, but then it got a little harder. Lots of enemies far away, you don't even see some of them and they shoot you to death. You die and try again, you die and try again, you die and try again... You can make progress like that sure, but my opinion is that it kills the feeling of adventure and overall mood in the game. Of course I can also blame myself for this. No one forces me to play on hard difficulty. It's just that I have to get the trophy with that. Maybe should have first played on normal and then with hard, but it's too late to change it now.

One nice thing that came along yesterday was the SCAR gun. R2 to fire and L2 to explode the bullet, BAM. Just watch those suckers panic with the bullet attached to them. Another fine thing with this baby is that you have infinite ammo. Good for me 'cos I usually panic about running out of bullets.

One not so nice thing was today with my first encounter with the alpha drone. It took quite long before I realized how to kill that son of a bitch. And yet longer to succeed in it. It only took five SCAR bullets exploded simultaneously for this handsome devil to lose his balance. Then you go and rip his face off. Very nice touch that one.


  1. I always heard this was better than the movie, i should give it a shot!

  2. Yes, that goddamn game is hard, I tried it a friend's place and I was like: wtf, what should I do!? lol

  3. I love the part where you rip his face off ;D

  4. been wanting to play this but Ive never had chance to test :s i should propably :)

  5. Riddick is kind of worn out consept.. -.-