Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ding dong the witch is dead!

Wohoo!! Revas is finally dead, and pretty much everyone else too.

Ex-captain of the spaceship Dark Athena.

Last time I complained about the unfairness of the game, but yesterday it didn't feel so bad. Surroundings in the game changed a little darker so it was easier to hide. Also the enemies became maybe a bit easier to kill. Especially those Spider Turrets were really easy targets. So what about the final boss Revas? Eh, after couple of tries to understand how to kill her, it took about 20 seconds to finish her off. Women, they are so easy, right? ;) Not everything was easy though. The part where you had to kill two alpha drones, one bad ass dude with a mech suit and a room full of drones took some effort. Of course they didn't come all at once and you had one autosave after the alpha drones, but no medstation in betweens.

Talking about autosaves. One bad thing about this game is that you can't save manually. You can restart from certain checkpoints, but they ain't always so near. The game autosaves pretty often yes, but the spots aren't always so good. One time the game saved just before a fight with an alpha drone and guess what? I just happened to have one bar of health left. God damn I sweared. The game gives you one extra bar of health after you die several times, but still.

One funny thing I noticed in the game. There's a short part where you control an big alpha drone and carry a little girl on your shoulder from an air vent to another. Heard some other game too where you do something like that...

Ulaks. Would look nice on my dinner table.

Overall feelings about the game are good. Yes I complained it being too hard at some point, but afterwards thinking it took only some relaxing breaths in between tries and then you got forward. In my opinion the game was ment to be about Riddick being an bad ass and sneaking around killing people. Riddick an bad ass? Oh my, with Vin Diesel as his voice you couldn't be any more of that. Actually I think it was even too much. Vin tries to be so cold it sometimes makes me laugh, not to think "man, he's so cool". So the sneaking part? I would have liked even more of it. The shooting is hard cos the enemies kill you in a couple of seconds after they see you, and they see you far away. But the sneaking is fun. Waiting in the dark for the guard to turn his back on you and then snap! His neck is broken. There's the feeling I enjoyd the most in this game. Because there isn't much of a story to enjoy, (you are trapped somewhere, escape) it's important for the game to have some gimmick to give that good feeling. Just next time, even more shadows and silent hallways for me to hide.

The game even has some basic puzzles. To move some boxes with your SCAR gun. Shoot the box and explode the bullet to move the box to the right direction. Sounds basic and it is that, but still adds a little more to just shooting and sneaking. So that's a bonus. The biggest flaw in the game for me is that it's missing a story. The thing I like the most. Another bad thing are unfair guards who don't usually give any time to react. Some like that but I don't. Maybe the third bad thing to mention is Vin Diesel as a voice of Richard B. Riddick. I wouldn't want anybody else to play his role, but still he could have used even a tiny bit more feeling in his lines. It's a shame also because other voice actors are so great. Especially Michelle Forbes who's the voice of Revas.

Last words: Good game if you like Riddick, otherwise you may try it if you get it cheap. There are better FPS games and games to sneak around.

If you didn't read my last posts about this game they can be found here and here.

Now I just have to play the game again on normal difficulty and try to collect some trophies I missed. Although I'll never find all those bounty cards. And no, I won't look from the internet where they are.

Just one last thing. About my last post. Five yes votes decided that I buy Dead Rising 2 so I did. Too bad it's dispatched in a week and it takes 1-2 weeks to arrive, so can't keep that part of my promise that I'll play it next. But after next one maybe. Will later thank you or damn you all to hell, depending on the game. ;)


  1. Thats a badass knife, lets carve that turkey!

  2. Ulaks? Is that made for skinning animals like elephant?

  3. @D3Blogger
    Or maybe self protection at friday night on the local grill when waiting for your burger? I think anything goes with those.

  4. good luck on collecting your trophies :)

  5. Thanks for the review...looks like another get it if it's cheap for me

  6. Thanks! :) gonna see if I can get this

  7. Awesome blog man! Keep up the good work! It will pay off!

  8. great post. looking forward to reading your next one

  9. Where can i buy those ulaks? They look mean as hell.

  10. @Everyday Normal Guy
    Dunno, let google tell you.

  11. Interesting, I really liked the movies so I'd probably enjoy the games too.

  12. Seems like an interesting game :D